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Encore Capitals Commodity market conditions

The commodity market is an international exchange where different commodities, such as energy and precious metals, can be traded. Whether the price of the commodity is rising or falling, trading them enables you to make price predictions for extremely volatile assets like gold and oil without having to purchase the underlying product.


The prices shown to our clients in the trading platform have to be interpreted a little different for some Commodity CFDs. While for example the price for COFF_ROB will be noted in US Dollar (i.e.:1,458.50 USD, per full contract), the price for COFF_ARAB will be shown in US cents (i.e.: 125.22 US cents, per full contract).

Contract Size/Trade Size

ECR Capitals Limited Financial Services LLP utilizes a ‘lot-based’ trading system. This means that all GBE brokers products are aggregated into standardized trade sizes. This simplifies trading by allowing clients to trade in lot increments, and also provides a price for each lot size rather than averaging open and close prices when multiple positions are taken in the same instrument. A tick or pip value is associated with each lot for precise calculations, and profits and losses on a position are automatically converted into the currency of the particular account. Please note, that due to the different price notation the minimum ticket sizes and the trading steps may vary. For the products quoted in US cents the minimum ticket size is 1 and you can just trade multiples of one, while for the rest it is 0.01.

Tick Value

Pip cost is determined in the same manner as it is done for the various indices offered.

Minimum Margin Requirements (MMR)

ECR Capitals Limited Financial Services LLP Margin Rates are displayed in the table above and all indices are set to a margin of 1% of the contract value. The margins detailed are ECR Capitals Limited Financial Services LLP default margin requirements.

Overnight Rollover

All open positions in Treasury CFDs are rolled to the next trading day. Depending on whether you are long (buy) or short (sell) you will either be debited or credited rollover interest on a daily basis. You can find details of ECR Capitals Limited Financial Services LLP rollover rates (rolls) on the Trading Station or on our homepage in a transparent manner. Please note that all open positions at the close of business on Friday at 17.00 EST incur a 3 day rollover debit/credit, and bank holidays will affect the number of days that a position is rolled forward.

Why trade commodities market with Encore

Stop Out Protection

Use a special market protection tool while trading forex online to safeguard your holdings from transient market volatility and to delay or prevent stop outs.

Low and stable spreads

Trade the currency market for a fixed, affordable price per trade. Take advantage of consistent, tight spreads even during market events and the publication of economic news.

Fast execution

Profit from the frequent changes in value of well-liked currency pairs with lightning-fast execution. Obtain millisecond execution for your FX trading orders across all accessible terminals.

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