Take advantage of better-than-market trading circumstances by getting access to the global forex market and trading the most popular<br> currency pairings worldwide.

The online forex currency trading has various advantages. It has the highest liquid market globally with more than $6 trillion notional traded daily. For overseas travel forex transaction is mandatory. Suppose you want to take a trip to France, then you need to convert your pounds into euros.

Why Forex?

Largest capital market in the world | Flexible Cash Investment | Take profit from rising and falling prices | Flexibility 24 hours a day, 5 days a week | Low and transparent transaction costs |The advantages of leverage |No effect on trade

Take advantage of changes in
the price of currency pairs.

Trade exotics, minors, and majors in foreign exchange.

with adjustable leverage and extremely tight spreads.

Get to your money without having to wait around.

Instant Withdrawals 

Experience quick and accurate execution

on trader-favorite platforms, like as MT4, MT5, the Encore Trade app, and the Encore Web Terminal.

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Forex market conditions

The world’s largest financial market is the currency market. The daily trading volume of currency pairs offers countless chances, with approximately $5.5 trillion in trading volume. Five days a week, 24 hours a day.

Hours of forex trading

Trading hours for the forex market are Sunday 21:05 to Friday 20:59; however, the currency pairs listed below have different trading hours:

Sunday, 23:05 to Friday, 20:59 USDCNH, USDTHB

Mon-Fri 05:00–15:00 (day break 15:00–05:00) USDILS, GBPILS

All times are in GMT+0 (server time).


Spreads are never fixed. As a result, the spreads shown in the table above are averages calculated from the trade day prior. Please refer to the trading platform for live spreads.

Please be aware that spreads, including rollover time, may increase in situations where market liquidity is reduced. This might continue until the levels of liquidity are restored.

Our Zero account has the lowest spreads, which are set at 0.0 pip for 95% of the trading day. In the table, certain instruments have an asterisk next to them.


The interest charged on any open forex trading positions overnight is known as swap. Every day, except on weekends, at 21:00 GMT+0, swaps take place until the position is closed. We have an Encore calculator that you can use to evaluate your swap costs. Please be aware that on Wednesdays, triple swaps are charged when trading currency pairs in order to offset financing fees that were incurred over the weekend.

If you have Extended swap-free status, we don’t charge swaps for the instruments listed in the above table. All accounts are immediately swap-free if you live in a Muslim nation.

Dynamic margin requirements

The amount of leverage you utilize determines how much margin is required for your account. Margin requirements will fluctuate in response to changes in leverage. Just as spreads can fluctuate according on the state of the market, so too can the amount of leverage at your disposal. The FAQ section below contains more information regarding the modifications to the margin requirements.

Fixed margin requirements

Regardless of the leverage you employ, the margin requirements for exotic currency pairs are always constant. The leverage on your account has no bearing on the margin kept for these securities, which is held in compliance with the instruments’ margin requirements.

Stop level

Please be aware that the stop level values shown in the above table could change at any time and might not be accessible to traders who use Expert Advisors or specific high-frequency trading strategies.

Why trade forex market with Encore

Trade currencies on renowned Forex trading platforms with a broker that handles more than $2 trillion in trading volume each month to take the currency market by storm.

Stop Out Protection

Use a special market protection tool while trading forex online to safeguard your holdings from transient market volatility and to delay or prevent stop outs.

Low and stable spreads

Trade the currency market for a fixed, affordable price per trade. Take advantage of consistent, tight spreads even during market events and the publication of economic news.

Fast execution

Profit from the frequent changes in value of well-liked currency pairs with lightning-fast execution. Obtain millisecond execution for your FX trading orders across all accessible terminals.

Frequently asked questions

The currency pairings with the most liquidity—that is, the ones that traders trade the most—are the most sought-after pairs to trade.

Major FX pairs such as AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, and USDJPY are among them. Exness offers all of these currency trading pairs for swap-free trading, allowing you to keep onto your holdings for extended periods of time without incurring additional fees.

FX minors are another common currency pair that traders like to include in their portfolios. These consist of GBPCHF, EURAUD, CADCHF, AUDCAD, and more. Exness offers the majority of FX minors without any overnight fees.

The instruments table on this page includes a list of all the minors that are eligible for the swap-free program.


In essence, leverage is the capacity to execute transactions using borrowed funds. In order to enable you to acquire greater trading positions with less of your own money, your broker provides you with a kind of loan to increase your cash.

Leverage in forex trading can increase returns by making it easier to profit from smaller price changes when paired with a sound risk management plan. However, if you don’t pair it with a well-thought-out risk management plan, it may potentially result in higher losses.

Before selecting your desired leverage option, make sure you plan your risk strategy and keep a reasonable degree of exposure to reduce excess losses and boost your chances of higher returns.

In online forex trading, margin is essentially the sum of money required to initiate a trade. It serves as insurance against changes in price. Depending on the leverage you have selected, forex brokers typically calculate this as a percentage of the entire position size.

You must have enough money in your account to cover the deal’s margin requirement before you can open an online FX trading. By choosing a margin level that is in line with your entire risk management plan, you may increase your control over your trades.

The maximum leverage that you can use on your account depends on your account’s equity:

  • 0 – 999 USD: maximum leverage 1:Unlimited

  • 0 – 4,999 USD: maximum leverage 1:2000

  • 5,000 – 29,999 USD: maximum leverage 1:1000

  • 30,000 USD or more: maximum leverage 1:500

Important news releases can cause notable volatility and gaps in information. It’s dangerous to utilize heavy leverage in a market that moves quickly since it could lead to bigger losses. For this reason, we cap leverage for all new holdings for impacted instruments at 1:200 during news releases.

When the intervals between the enhanced margin requirements for several news releases are shorter than fifteen minutes, the instruments concerned may combine these durations into a single, extended period. We’ll send you an email with all the information on the modifications to the margin requirements on your trading platform.

The margin on positions opened during the designated period is recalculated when the given period has elapsed, taking into account the available funds in the account and the chosen leverage value.

Any forex trading that takes place on the weekends is likewise subject to an additional margin requirement. During this time, the maximum leverage for any instrument is 1:200. Holidays are a little different because this rule may only apply to specific markets and instruments. We will send you an email if the margin requirements change as a result of holidays.

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